"Innovative by Nature"
Libera Biotech
Experience life in all its nuances, without limitations. Libera Biotech has created a line of highly innovative dermocosmetic products and medical devices, inspired by nature and designed to defend against viral diseases.
Libera Biotech combines scientific research and cutting-edge formulations to create revolutionary technology for prevention and treatment; unique products that deliver truly significant results.
Innovating with nature as a starting point
Viral infections, such as HPV Human Papilloma Virus infection, often cause benign lesions but, in some cases, a persistent infection may evolve into dysplasia and take on oncogenic features.
Current therapies are often unable to eradicate infections, and this can lead to abnormal, even malignant, cell development.
Libera Biotech is revolutionising the current therapeutic framework for these diseases with nanotechnology-based antiviral treatments that are as effective in treating as they are in protecting against these types of infections.
How Libera Biotech works
Anti-tumor action and induction of apoptosis of tumor cells with telomerase activation.
Blockade of HPV replication.
Reduction of injuries.
The perfect balance between
Science and Wellness
An innovative formulation and production process based on nanotechnologies and, in particular, on Plant-derived Nanovesicles, natural containers of extremely effective antioxidants. They are bioactive and can act on many mechanisms of cell degeneration.
Nanovesicles are extracted from plants by means of physical separation and concentration processes that produce a nano-concentrate containing 100% of the active ingredient present in the original plant. This active ingredient is called a phytocomplex and is isolated in a form that is immediately bioavailable to the body.
At Libera Biotech, it is nature that inspires science, and it is this special feature that makes it Naturally Innovative.
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